End of Year Pediatrician Visits

Before the end of the year, remember to take care of yourself and your little ones and use all the health care benefits available to you.

If you still have time left in your health coverage period and are close to reaching your deductible, you may want to:

  • Schedule any exams, follow-up visits or medical tests your children may need.
  • Discuss and schedule any elective procedures that you have been considering for your children. You may have held off scheduling some procedures because it wasn’t an emergency; but when you’ve reached your out-of-pocket maximum, it may be the right time to get things taken care of.
  • Stock up on any non-perishable medical supplies that you need on a regular basis if they are covered by your plan.

To avoid unexpected costs, remember to review your policy, certificate or plan booklet, get any referrals from your healthcare provider, and contact your health insurance company about pre authorization before receiving certain health care services and prescriptions.

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